What Is Jelqing? Does Jelqing Work?

What Is Jelqing?

The size of the penis is the thing that bothers men throughout the history of mankind. The first time jelqing was mentioned as a penis enlargement technique dates back to early Arabic civilizations. In fact, jelqing is an exercise for penis stretching. It’s a kind of massage that is aimed at making micro-tears of the skin and penile tissues. It is considered that the process of their healing promotes the enhancement of the penis in length and girth.

Does It Actually Work?

The first question that comes to mind is of does jelqing work? To tell the truth, there is not a single clinical study that evaluates the efficacy or safety of jelqing exercise. All evidence is only anecdotal, and the impressive jelqing before and after results are only stories of men who claim to have increased their organ size with this exercise. Anyway, if surgery or other more radical ways of penis length increase are not acceptable for you, jelqing can be a safe alternative.

Step-by-Step Jelqing Guide

Any physical impact on penile tissues should be careful, especially when it comes to jelqing. To help you learn what is right and what is wrong and make sure your jelqing technique is correct, use this jelqing guide.

Before You Start

Like with any other procedure that may affect your health, and erection, in particular, a consultation with a medical specialist is required to eliminate any risks of unwanted reactions to your exercising. This is especially important to men with any kind of penile deformities that influence the normal function of the penis. By the way, it is thought that individuals with Peyronie’s disease may benefit from jelqing more than other men. This is primarily related to the improvements in the form of the organ, yet not in its size.

How Long Does It Take to See Results From Jelqing?

There’s no exact period that sets the time you should practice until some visible jelqing result is achieved. Consistency, patience, and regularity are the three basics of success for men who want to make their genital organ bigger by jelqing. Your technique is also the thing that matters, as their effectiveness is not the same.

Are There Any Side Effects to Consider?

One of the reasons jelqing is one of the top-list exercises for natural penis enhancement is that it’s rather safe. When you jelq, the only instrument you use is your hand, which means you can regulate the force you apply to the penis. Please remember that any unpleasant sensations and especially pain are your signals for acting less aggressively.

Penile tissues are very gentle, and it’s crucial not to damage them as this may result in difficulties getting and maintaining your penis firm. The unwanted reactions you may experience will show through:

  • Bruising;
  • Skin irritation caused by regular rubbing;
  • Soreness or pain sensations in the penile shaft;
  • Damage or injury of the penile blood vessels and/or erectile tissues.

What Precautions Can You Take to Minimize Side Effects?

Any problem has a solution. The same is with the side effects of jelqing. One can avoid them or at least minimize their risks by following simple rules and recommendations. Here are just a few of them:

  • Use lubrication (especially when you only begin to jelq). One of the common mistakes leading to injury is that men jelq with their penis being dry. Lubricant can diminish the unpleasant sensations of dryness and prevent irritation of the skin caused by excessive friction. You can apply either special intimate lube or just use any food oil you have at home.
  • Your penis must be flaccid when you jelq. The erection rate shouldn’t exceed 30 – 50%. In such a state, the tissues are more elastic than when they are filled with blood. Therefore, the risk for trauma is lower.
  • Don’t apply excessive pressure. When jelqing, you shouldn’t feel pain. Otherwise, you may feel discomfort and soreness in the shaft for long hours after finishing the exercise. Bruising is also not rare in men who jelq too hard.
  • It’s better to do the exercise when sitting or lying, though leaning against the wall is also OK if it’s convenient for you. The main thing is that you should feel comfortable and control your body.
  • Limit the number of daily exercises. Limit the number of sets to a maximum of two per day.

Don’t hesitate to call your urologist for advice if you plan to try the jelqing technique you’ve never tried before.

At What Point Should You Discontinue This and Seek out Other Options?

The reasons to consider discontinuation of this kind of penis enlargement exercise include:

  • Pain in the penile shaft after the exercising;
  • Penile numbness or tingling;
  • Itching sensations in the genitals;
  • Changes in the penile skin color, including the formation of bruises or red spots.

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What Are the Different Jelqing Techniques?

Massaging techniques for stimulating the growth of the penis are diverse. And you can test each of them to know which one is most convenient for you. However, your comfort is not the only thing to pay attention to when choosing what jelqing technique to apply. Their efficacy varies, so this is another criterion to take into account.

You don’t need to stick to only one technique. You always have the possibility to apply a couple of them. It’s better to do different exercises in turn, every other day. Combining several types of jelqing exercises, you can achieve better results in penis enlargement.

Wet Jelqing

Wet jelqing or jelqing with lubrication is the most popular technique. It is preferred by those who make their first steps in penile enlargement exercise. Wet jelqing helps minimize the risks of skin irritation due to friction. It’s generally recommended to jelq wet until you master your jelqing technique.

Dry Jelqing

This type of jelqing is more often used by men who know how to jelq perfectly well. Usually, men can try dry jelqing after a couple of weeks of wet jelqing practice. Applying this technique, your grip around the penis should be lighter. The drawbacks of dry jelq include:

  • Possible skin irritation;
  • Changes in the penile skin coloring (your penis may get darker);
  • Bruising.

However, its pros are also quite significant because you can do it whenever you have such a possibility as no preliminary preparation is required. Besides, there is no need to clean the penis from the lubricant, and it’s thought to be more effective than wet jelqing.

Lateral Jelqing

Men with penile curvature would probably prefer lateral jelqing to any other technique. Why? That’s because lateral jelqing helps to reduce the curvature. This technique implies making jelq moves in the direction, which is opposite to the curvature.

Anecdotal evidence claims that jelqing is more effective for penile deformities improvement than for penile length or girth enhancement.


Black man hand gesturing in the form of crocodile

The name V-jelq is given to this technique due to the form of the grip needed to perform it. Men should grasp the penis with their index and middle fingers to do the exercise. This technique is aimed at making the penile circumference larger.

One Hand Jelq

This technique name speaks for itself. It presupposes doing jelq exercise with one hand only. It is more appropriate for men who have already mastered jelqing with two hands.

Jelqing Lubricants You Should Use

The choice of the lubricant one should better apply for jelq may also be a tricky task. There are two types of lubricants you can choose between oil-based and water-based. What’s the difference between them? Let’s find it out.

Olive Oil


Olive oil

The use of olive oil for lubrication is acceptable for jelqing as it doesn’t involve any vaginal penetration. Besides, olive oil is something you almost always have in your kitchen, which saves you from a trip to the nearest drugstore to get intimate lube. The only drawback of olive oil as a lubricant is that it clogs the skin pores, which can cause skin irritation.

Coconut Oil


Coconut oil in glass jar and shell pieces on white wooden table

The versatility of coconut oil is really impressive as it can be used for a lot of purposes, including intimate lubrication. The benefits of using coconut oil for jelqing are:

  • 100% natural components;
  • Excellent moisturizer;
  • It doesn’t ball up;
  • Its thick consistency makes it long-lasting if compared to artificial lubes.

Water-Based Lubricant

Water-based lubricants are thought to be the best for jelqing. They don’t cause allergies and don’t clog the pores, which helps to avoid skin irritation, and thus redness of the skin and itching. Water-based lubricants last longer and let you do jelq exercise without any discomfort.

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How to Do a Jelq Routine?

Your before-and-after-jelqing results much depend on how regularly you do the routine and how correct you follow the recommendations to the exercise. Make sure you learn the theory well to bring it into practice with a maximum result.


Jelqing is an exercise targeted at improving your blood circulation in the penile tissues. It is easier and better to perform them when your penis is warmed up. You can take a warm bath or shower if you have enough time for it or just use the washcloth or towel soaked in warm water. Both options will do good for the warm-up before jelqing. The warm-up should last for at least 15 minutes.

After you are done with that, apply some lube on your penis shaft and hands before you start jelqing. Men who do dry jelq can omit this stage of preparing for the exercise.

Jelqing Exercises


ok sign

The jelqing exercises depend on what technique you’ve chosen for yourself and what your final goal is. Men who decided to start jelqing to make their penis longer can choose between wet or dry jelqing. You can do the exercise either with one or two hands (it depends on how skillful you are in jelq). Here’s how it should be done:

  • Form a ring at the base of your penis shaft using your index finger and the thumb.
  • Tighten your grip to feel gentle pressure on the penis (the pressure shouldn’t cause any discomfort).
  • Now slow-slide the grip from the base to the glans without applying any pressure to the latter. Be firm but gentle to avoid unwanted reactions. Don’t squeeze the glans, as this may result in its numbness and loss of sensitivity.
  • Count to three or five while making one jerk. It should be slow to help the tissues stretch with minimum risks for traumatization.

When applying one hand jelqing technique, you should repeat this process with one hand. If using both hands, you can make a grip with the other hand at the base and start moving upwards while your other hand is still under the glans.

The time you spend jerking may be increased as you proceed in practice gradually. For novices, five minutes a day are enough. In a couple of weeks, the duration of exercise may be increased to 15 or 20 minutes. It depends on your sensations during exercising and the presence or absence of any discomfort. The cases of achieving a full erection while jelqing are normal. However, you should immediately stop exercising to avoid tissue injury.

Those whose concern is the girth of the penis should better do the V-jelq. The routine for V-jelq is similar to that for the regular technique. The difference is that the grip should be made with the index and middle fingers or middle and ring fingers (whichever is more convenient for you) with the fingers curled like you are holding a bag. Your palm should face up, and the penis under part should rest on it. The rest is the same: jelq slowly upwards until you reach the glans.

If your organ has any curvature, the lateral jelqing technique is for you:

  • Grasp the penis shaft with the hand matching the direction of the deformity, using a classic jelq grip.
  • Move the fingers from the base to the middle of the penis shaft.
  • Put your other hand on the penile base, and then continue the jelq to the direction opposite of your curvature.
  • The same as previously describes routine, lateral jelqing should be done slowly.

By the way, to apply this technique, our level of erection should reach 70 – 75%.

Manual Penis Stretching

The bulk of men striving to enhance their penis size naturally, try to improve their jelqing result by adding one more type of penile enhancement exercise – manual penis stretching. The routine for this exercise looks different from what you’ve read about jelqing. You should grip the head of the penis with your hand and pull the organ upwards, applying slight effort. The same procedure should be repeated in the right and left directions. Keep the penis in such a position in each direction for 10 seconds. Five minutes a day are enough to reach visible results on penis size enhancement.

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How to Jelq Safely?

The tenderness of the erectile tissues and the penis overall significantly elevates the risks for penile traumas. Therefore, one should follow simple but effective recommendations for safe jelqing.

  • Don’t apply too much force to the penis. Excessive pressure won’t speed up the result of jelqing, but it can lead to a number of unwanted reactions.
  • Never start/continue jelqing if your penis is fully erect. The blood that fills the organ during erection already causes pressure on the tissues from the inside. In case you add to it, the risks for blood vessel or corpora cavernosa damage gets multiplied.
  • Keep track of your sensations while jelqing. Any soreness or discomfort should make you stop doing the exercise.
  • Don’t ignore the penile warm-up before jelqing. It allows you to make the practice safe, minimizing the potential negative effects.
  • Give preference to lubes that don’t cause a rash, itching, and skin irritation.
  • Never apply pressure to the penis glans. This part of the organ is very sensitive. Any forceful impact can affect the sensitivity of the organ, thus leading to worsening of sensations during sexual intercourse and difficulty reaching an orgasm.
  • Stop exercising for some time if the penile skin color got darker or any other signs of unwanted reactions appear.

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In case natural penis enlargement is your goal, get ready for a long way to it. Jelqing results can make you wait for months, and there is no guarantee that your before and after jelqing length or girth will be any different. Those who can’t wait for so long and want to change their self-perception here and now would love to find out that there are some other ways to make their penises larger. We’ll concentrate on non-invasive methods that possess minimal risks for male health and show promising results in clinical studies.

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