Premature Ejaculation Causes, Symptoms

How Does Ejaculation Work?

Ejaculation is a reflex regulated by the central nervous system. Due to the stimulation of the penis during sexual intercourse, the impulses are transitioned from the genitals through the spinal cord to the brain. When a man reaches a peak level of excitement, the CNS gives signals to the reproductive organs, which result in semen ejection.

This process goes through two stages: emission and expulsion. At the emission stage, the sperm gets from the testicles to the prostate, where it is mixed with the seminal fluid to create the sperm. After that, it gets to the penile shaft base and stays there until the next stage. Expulsion is the constriction of the muscles that force the semen ejection from the penis.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Early ejaculation causes are most often related to the emotional state of men and their mental health condition. In rare cases, some physical health issues may affect the male ability to control ejaculation. This problem can either be acquired or lifelong. Usually, the latter responds to the treatment better than the lifelong form of this ejaculation disorder. Anyway, there exist effective treatments for both types, and the sooner you find out the cause, the sooner you’ll get rid of the problem or, at least, prolong your sexual intercourse. So, what exactly causes premature ejaculation? Let’s get into some detail regarding each of the possible premature ejaculation (PE) triggers.

Depression or Anxiety

When in depression, the psychological condition can significantly impact men’s ability to keep control over ejaculation. A study investigating the interconnection between depression and premature ejaculation revealed that men dealing with depression are more prone to developing early ejaculation than healthy individuals, with an odds ratio of 1.63.

Anxiety, and sexual performance anxiety, in particular, are among the most common causes of premature ejaculation. The reasons for growing anxiety in advance of sexual intercourse are different, including stressful situations during previous attempts, a lack of self-confidence, a lack of sexual experience, and this list can be continued. Overall, the male feels anxious about how he performs in bed, which negatively affects his self-control, including control over ejaculation.

Feeling Anxious about Rejection by a Sexual Partner

Some men may suffer early ejaculation due to misunderstandings with their sexual partners. Relationship issues significantly affect the male level of confidence and interfere with his ability to control ejaculation.

Very often, the manifestations of premature ejaculation show themselves during intercourse with a particular sexual partner. How is that possible? Men ejaculate prematurely when having sex with women they feel excited about, while no problems appear during sexual contact with other ladies.

Expecting Failure

Once having gone through the negative experience in bed (especially if that was the first sexual experience), men expect a failure each time they have intercourse. Gradually, this problem grows, and so does its impact on male self-esteem and self-confidence. In such conditions, the risks of failure grow, and when it happens (again), the fear of failure strengthens, becoming a never-ending story.

Negative Sexual Experience

As has been mentioned previously, negative sexual experiences can become a severe blow to self-esteem. Even a single episode of being refused by a sexual partner, or being unable to get an erection, or ejaculating prematurely can sow the seeds of self-doubt in the sexual aspect.

Such emotional traumas often happen in young men who appeared to be not ready for their first sexual experience or have gone through bullying from their sexual partner.


Why did stress get on the list of premature ejaculation causes? Although the stress you live in may not be related to your sex life, it may have a significant impact on how long you perform in bed. Stressful situations don’t let you relax and concentrate on intercourse. This results in poor control over ejaculation, which leads to its early onset.

Some Physical Conditions May Also Cause PE

It’s not only mental health factors that add to the problem of early ejaculation. Physical health issues also play a role in the ejaculatory process. The health conditions that may trigger premature ejaculation are the following:

  • Erectile dysfunction. Trouble attaining or maintaining the penis firm contributes to the anxiety levels in men who are about to have sexual intercourse. The impact of a physical health problem on the emotional state of a man often ends with early ejaculation and disappointment in sexual activity overall. It’s not rare that such men start avoiding intimate relations at all.
  • Hormonal imbalance. A study assessing the impact of hormone levels on premature ejaculation revealed that individuals with PE have low levels of prolactin, thyroid-stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone. The latter is considered an independent risk factor for early ejaculation.
  • Neurotransmitters imbalance. The two neurotransmitters involved in ejaculation are dopamine and serotonin. The latter delays the onset of ejaculation, whereas dopamine speeds it up. If dopamine levels are higher than those of serotonin, a man is likely to develop an early ejaculation problem.
  • Chronic bacterial prostatitis and prostate inflammation are diagnosed in 52% and 64% of men suffering from PE, respectively. These figures are significantly higher than in individuals who don’t have trouble with ejaculation control.
  • Genetic predisposition. Scientists revealed that men with a certain genotype (LL) of a gene responsible for the control of neurotransmitter levels are more prone to developing lifelong PE.

Premature Ejaculation Diagnosis

The diagnosis of premature ejaculation is usually based on several things:

  • Your complaints. Doctors ask their patients to tell about how regularly they have sexual intercourse, how long they last, and how often the episodes of premature ejaculation occur.
  • Medical history. The facts from your medical history, like past episodes, or depressive disorders, or anxiety of hormonal imbalance, or surgery on the genitourinary system, may help your physician determine the exact cause of your condition.
  • Harmful habits. Prolonged alcohol abuse and smoking can add to the development of premature ejaculation due to the negative impact of ethanol on the nervous system response and the effect of nicotine on the vascular system.
  • Blood and urine tests. A blood test is needed to determine the levels of hormones, whereas a urine test can help diagnose bacterial prostatitis, which is quite common in men with PE.
  • A consultation with a mental health specialist is required to exclude psychological causes of early ejaculation.

Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

What is premature ejaculation treatment? The tactics of treatment for premature ejaculation depend a lot on the cause of the disease. The most effective methods applied are:

  • Counseling is an effective way of resolving problems related to the relationship with the partner, past negative sexual experience, anxiety. A doctor can help you cope with stress and anxiety using meditation and special breathing techniques. It’s not rare that counseling is recommended as a supportive therapy, along with medicinal treatment of the issue.
  • Intake of medicines for ejaculation delay. The market offers several treatments that can help men cope with premature ejaculation, at least temporarily. The most effective of them is Priligy. This drug works fast and allows men to significantly increase the duration of intercourse. In case PE is combined with erectile dysfunction, one should consider taking combination drugs, like Viagra with dapoxetine, Super P-Force, or Super Avana. Still, you should keep in mind that they are not suitable for all men due to some contraindications.
  • Application of topical anesthetics. Topical agents work well for ejaculation delay due to the anesthetic components they contain (lidocaine, benzocaine, or prilocaine). Such treatments come in the form of sprays and creams, which should be applied to the penile shaft 10 – 15 minutes before planned sexual intercourse. Some of these medicines are available only by prescription, yet some can be purchased over-the-counter. The benefit of topical treatments is the absence of severe adverse effects (except hypersensitivity reactions), though some light-to-moderate unwanted symptoms are possible.
  • Non-medicinal treatment methods. Except for the wide variety of medications to cope with early ejaculation, men can try out some natural ways of delaying ejaculation. One of them is the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles. To find the needed group of muscles, try to stop urinating midstream. To get the desired result and improve your control over ejaculation, constrict the muscles, count to three and relax them. Ten repetitions three times a day will do the task. Another way to delay semen ejection is to squeeze the penis at the glans base for some seconds.
  • Condoms. Although condoms don’t treat PE, they significantly mild the sensations a man feels during sexual intercourse. This helps level the rate of excitement and thus prolong coitus.

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When to See a Doctor?

A lot of men feel ashamed of their intimate problem and don’t want to share it with anybody, including their healthcare provider. Yet the sooner you understand that a consultation with a medical professional is your way to resolving the issue, the sooner you’ll be able to improve your sexual life. It’s important to understand that this sexual disorder affects men of all ages, and you are not alone with your problem. You should set an appointment with a doctor if you have the following symptoms:

  • You ejaculate on the stage of petting before vaginal penetration.
  • You ejaculate within less than 60 seconds after vaginal penetration.
  • Neither you nor your partner are satisfied with the duration, and thus, the quality of your sexual intercourse.
  • You have never had problems with early ejaculation but developed them recently.
  • You always ejaculate prematurely, starting from your first sexual experience.

Get Medicine Now to Treat Premature Ejaculation at Home

Depending on what kind of treatment you choose for yourself, you may start it either when you notice the first signs of PE or after a consultation with your healthcare provider. At home, you can try Kegel’s and penis squeeze technique. They don’t have any contraindications or side effects, and what’s more, they don’t need you to spend money. However, you should be ready that these won’t work or will take too much time and effort until the desired result is achieved.

Those who seek fast improvements should order one of the medicinal treatments for PE. Naturally, they can be purchased in the nearest pharmacy, yet the sensitivity of the problem makes it more convenient to buy the medicines on the web. On the Internet, you can find certified online pharmacies offering excellent quality medicines at reasonable prices. So don’t delay your treatment. Bring the quality of your sex life to a better level.