Does Penis Enlargement Work? Methods and Effectiveness

Can A Person Increase The Size Of Their Penis?

Many women say that it’s not the size but the skill that matters when it goes about the male genitalia. However, far not all men agree with such an approach to the issue. A lot of males think their penis size is too small, and therefore, develop complexes in this regard.

Yet, the problem of a small size penis can be resolved with the help of numerous penis enlargement methods and medicinal treatments. The variety of options available for men who wish their organs to be longer or thicker allows choosing the one that matches their needs perfectly.

Normal Anatomy Of The Penis

Anatomy male reproductive system

The penis is an organ that serves men in two ways: it helps the excretion of the urine, and performs the sexual function. The organ itself is divided into three parts: the root, the shaft, and the glans, which is normally covered with the foreskin. In circumcised men, the foreskin is absent. The deep artery and the dorsal blood vessels supply blood to the organ, whereas the dorsal nerve of the penis is responsible for the organ sensitivity, erectile reflex, and the function of the sphincter muscle of the urethra.

Along the two sides of the shaft run corpora cavernosa. These are erectile tissues that fill with the blood and hold it during erections. Another column running along the front of the penis shaft and ending at the glans is corpus spongiosum. This tissue also accumulates blood during an erection. The urethra – is the tube in the corpus spongiosum, which serves as a channel for urine to leave the body. In the same way, semen ejaculation takes place when a man reaches a climax in sexual activity.

Average Penis Size

Have you ever wondered about how big is the average penis? The systematic review published in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) claims that an average penis has 9.16 cm in length in a flaccid state. This figure grows to 13.12 cm when the penis gets erected. The penis circumference is 9.31 cm flaccid and 11.66 erected. These figures are very approximate and cannot be called a standard.

Penile Lengthening

The penis is a symbol of masculinity, and its size often becomes a measure for this quality. The medical indications for penile enhancement are very few. A lot of doctors just advise to do some penis enlargement exercises for length and girth to improve the situation. However, the number of those wishing to increase the length of their genitalia surgically is much bigger.

The situations at the doctors, when a man complains about the small penis size, often end up discovering that there is nothing wrong with the organ. Still, the psychological distress and low self-esteem because of the lack of confidence about their penis size make men seek radical solutions for their problems.

The enlargement of the penis is a surgical procedure aimed at increasing the length of the organ in the flaccid condition. The maximum add to the size of the organ ranges from 3 to 4 centimeters. The improvements in the penis length are not so much visible when it gets erected. It is impossible to say for how long the organ can be lengthened before the surgery. This depends on the method applied and the individual peculiarities of a man. To achieve better results in surgery, a combination of penis enhancement procedures can be performed. There are three methods of lengthening the penis:

  • Liposuction of the abdomen or pubopelvic area;
  • Dissection of the suspensory ligament;
  • Skin flaps construction.

Abdomino/ Pubopelvic Liposuction

Although this is a surgical method of penis enhancement, it is thought to be rather safe. It allows to visually lengthen the organ by removing the excess of fat from the pubic area and the abdomen. This way, the root of the penis becomes more visible and adds to the length of the genitalia. This method is commonly applied in a combination with other surgical or non-surgical techniques of penis extension as abdomino/ pubopelvic liposuction itself cannot provide the results satisfying enough for the patient.

Suspensory Ligament Dissection

The suspensory ligament performs the function of the penis stabilizer and keeps it under the angle convenient for vaginal penetration. The dissection is a surgical procedure applied among other techniques for the growth of the penis length. The surgeon detaches the ligament from the pubic symphysis and fills the created space with fat tissues to prevent the ligament from reattachment. A small testicular prosthesis is also sometimes used for this purpose.

The increase in penis length that can be achieved with this surgical method is 1 – 3 cm. Therefore, the patient and partner satisfaction rate from suspensory ligament dissection ranges from 30% to 65%. This kind of surgery is often combined with abdomino/ pubopelvic liposuction.

Skin Flaps

In the situations where the length of the penis is limited by the lack of penopubic skin, a skin flaps penis enlargement method is applied. The skin from the pubic is advanced onto the shaft of the penis by implanting the skin flaps taken from the other body areas, especially the scrotum. The skin flaps penis enlargement facts show that in a 5-year-follow-up, all patients are satisfied with the results of the procedure. Neither the aesthetic nor the functional characteristics of the organ were affected negatively.

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Penile Girth Enhancements

The extension of the penis girth is another way to increase the organ in size. The number of men who have already undergone this kind of penis enlargement and those who still plan to be operated on grows steadily. Regardless of the methods applied, either surgical or non-surgical, the penile girth enhancement remains controversial, and there is still not enough scientific evidence as to the need of making such operations, their efficacy, and safety.

Injectable Materials

Injections for the enlargement of the penis are thought to be a much safer alternative to invasive surgical procedures. They are performed under local anesthesia, so you stay in consciousness throughout the procedure. The only exception is fat injections as they are made with autologous fat, which means the liposuction procedure is also required.

Fat Injection

The procedure involves two processes: fat liposuction and injections of fat into the penis. Usually, the fat for penile girth enlargement is taken from the abdomen. The received fat tissues are injected into the Colles’ fascia (a muscle). The evaluation of the safety and the efficacy of this procedure was published in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal. This method was tested on 52 men with the mean thickness of the penis 7.4 cm. After injecting an average of 38.54 ml of autologous fat, the circumference grew to 9.29 – 9.34 cm. In six months-follow-up, the results remained the same. No significant complications were observed.

Silicone Injection

The procedure implies subcutaneous injections of liquid silicone into the penis shaft. The facts on penis enlargement surgery outcomes with the application of silicone injections say this method of penis girth enhancement is associated with numerous complications. The formation of subcutaneous nodules and penile deformities, including the buried penis, is the most common of them. Eventually, the evidence on the safety of silicone injections is not enough to recommend this method of penis girth enlargement.

Hyaluronic Acid Gel Injection

The hyaluronic acid gel injections are used for the penis glans enlargement. The safety and the efficacy of this method have been tested in the study of Korean scientists involving 187 participants divided into two groups. Its results were published in the International Journal of Impotence Research. They all receive a 2 mg ingestion of hyaluronic acid gel subcutaneously, which allowed increasing the glans circumference by 1.5 cm. The post-operative satisfaction rate was 77% and 69% in the first and the second groups, respectively.

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Graft Procedures

Graft procedures are more invasive if compared to injections. They demand a longer recovery period, yet their rate of efficacy in the long-term prevails on the methods described above. These methods can also help men with erectile dysfunction caused by penile deformities to improve the quality of their intimate life.

Dermal Fat Grafts

This surgery involves the transplantation of a graft of skin and subcutaneous fat tissues on the penis shaft. The skin graft is taken from the buttock crease or from the suprapubic region. The results of the study involving 23 Chinese men who have undergone dermal fat graft phalloplasty show an increase in the penis circumference from 1.21 cm to 2.13 cm.

The full recovery period after this medical procedure ranges from one to several months. The final results of surgery can be evaluated in half a year. The satisfaction rate of men undergoing this kind of operation for penis growth exceeds 90%.


Allografts are medicinal substances created from the donated tissues. For penile enhancement, donor skin is used. It comes in sheets, which are inserted through incisions made either on the penis shaft or in the suprapubic area.

The effectiveness and the safety of this kind of surgical enlargement of the penis girth are still discussed as the rate of post-operative complications is quite high.

Venous Grafts

Although the first experiments with this technique of penis girth extension were done in 1995 – 1997, it is still considered experimental. The surgery implies the transplantation of saphena grafts, which help to increase the volume of the corpora cavernosa during the erection. This method of penis enlargement can be applied only to men who are not satisfied with the girth or their genitalia in the erected condition. This procedure gives no visible effects in a flaccid state. The increase in penile circumference ranges from 1.1 to 2.1cm.

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When Is Surgery An Option?

A proven fact is that the enlargement of the penis is predominantly done in men who have no direct indications for such a surgery. The bulk of individuals who look for the ways to increase their organ size have normal penises. However, having high expectations, the results achieved are not always satisfying for these people. It is estimated that only 30 – 65% of men are satisfied with the length of their penis post-operatively. The percentage of those who consider the results of the penile girth enhancement satisfactory ranges from 50% to 90%, depending on the methods applied.

Micropenis is a medical indication for penis extension. The size of the genital organ of men suffering from this medical condition doesn’t exceed 7 cm in the erected state. Thanks to the medical manipulations, the organ can be increased in length by 2 – 3 cm. Still, this problem is extremely rare and is diagnosed in 0.6% of the world’s male population only.

Penile shrinkage caused by some health issues, like prostate cancer surgery or Peyronie’s disease, is also one of the common reasons for penile extension or girth enhancement. One of the studies on penile shrinkage due to prostate removal showed that 71% of patients lose from 0.5 cm to 4 cm of the penile length. The surgical lengthening of the penis should be considered in such cases.

Risks And Side Effects Of Penis Enlargement

The risks and the possible complications of penile enhancement treatments depend on the methods applied. The safest are those that presuppose natural penis enlargement, but let’s get a closer look at the radical penis enhancement techniques described above:

  • Abdomino/ pubopelvic liposuction is considered relatively safe. The possible risks of the procedure include swelling of the abdomen (1.7% of patients), the collection of fluid in the area of liposuction or scrotum (3.5%), hematomas, and infection.
  • Suspensory ligament dissection is associated with the risks of worsening of the blood supply to the penis and decreased sensitivity of the organ, which may lead to erectile dysfunction. Prior to the development of advanced surgical techniques, recurrent ligament attachment was a common complication and a reason for penile shortening. Infection of the wound is also common for this procedure.
  • Skin flaps penile enlargement bears the risks of infection and skin flaps necrosis.
  • Fat injection side effects include penis curvature and uneven surface of the organ. These happen because of the body reabsorption of fat injected. The repeat procedure is often recommended in such cases.
  • Silicone injection complications risks are high. The common side effects include repeated penile ulceration, chronic inflammations, fibrosis, granulomatosis related to the presence of the foreign body in the organ. Decreased erectile reflex is another risk of such a procedure.
  • Hyaluronic acid gel injections rarely cause any side effects. Still, some men may develop hypersensitivity reactions, inflammation, or granulomatosis. Decreased sensitivity of the glans is also a reason for concern, though it may be beneficial for men with premature ejaculation.
  • Graft procedures. The main risk of these surgical procedures is the necrosis and the infection of the transplanted tissues flaps. The probability of the loss of penile sensitivity, inability to reach an orgasm, and insufficient lubrication are also present. A certain percentage of men may develop erectile dysfunction as well.

When To See A Doctor?

Does penis enlargement work? The people who can give you a qualified answer are doctors. Whenever you feel worried or lack self-confidence, or feel depressed because of the size of your penis, check with your doctor. Any traumas and congenital malformations of genitalia are a reason for consulting a professional. Any procedures aimed at lengthening or enlargement of the penis should be performed by medical specialists. Only this way you can minimize the risks for any unwanted reactions and permanent damage to your male health.

Small Penis Anxiety (SPA)

Small penis anxiety is a psychological health problem of men who are dissatisfied with the size of their penis despite its being normal. They experience anxieties and discomfort in social situations. These men compare the size of their organs to others and feel ashamed of their penis appearance. SPA may develop because of the childhood psychological traumas or other stresses they’ve lived through.

The wrong perception of their body image leads to numerous sexual disorders, including small penis syndrome, and generally lower quality of intimate life. In a study performed by British scientists, men with SPA had decreased erectile function, orgasmic dysfunction, and thus low intercourse satisfaction rate.

Find Other Solutions To Increase Your Penis Size Here

Medical pills and centimeter

The desire to increase the size of the penis naturally is the dream of millions of men. There are several alternatives to surgery and other invasive procedures that may help you reach this goal:

  • Lose weight. The shrinkage of the fat tissues on the pubis and the abdomen help to reveal the hidden part of the penis shaft and visually lengthen the organ.
  • Try vacuum pumps. These devices stimulate the inflow of blood to the penis, increasing it is size. The use of the penile ring can prolong this effect, but it should be applied for 20 – 30 minutes maximum. The quality of the pump is crucial for achieving the desired effect so choose only the best, like Penomet, or one of the Bathmate products (Bathmate HydroExtreme 7 or Bathmate HydroMax 7).
  • Pills and herbal supplements, like Extenze, MaleExtra, or Vigrx Plus, improve the supply of blood to the organ that allows increasing its size during the erection. Although their effect is temporary, you are sure to notice the difference in the penis size.
  • Penis extenders. These devices apply smooth tension to the penis due to their weight. Wearing them for several hours a day helps increase both the length and the girth of the penis. The products that showed to be the best in this regard are Jes Extender, Quick Extender Pro, Size Genetics, and MaleEdge.
  • Try special food for penis growth. The best foods for men are the foods stimulating testosterone production, as they can also play a role in penis size enhancement.

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