Tips on How to Improve Your Sex Life and Get Better in Bed

How to Improve Sex Life?

Sex is an inherent part of life for the bulk of people. The statistics say that people who are not married get engaged in sexual intercourse more often than their married peers. The studies report that a quarter of married couples have sex once a week. The percentage decreases with the increase in the number of intercourses per week. 16% of married couples have sex twice a week, and only 5% say their sex life is more active. But is this enough to say that you are satisfied with your sex life? We guess, no. How to improve sex life then? What should you do to make your intimate life the best it can be? The answers to these and many other questions we’ll try to reveal further.

How to Make Sex Better?

Sex is always between two (or, sometimes, more) people, which means their level of satisfaction from intercourse depends on both of them. Both a man and a woman have to contribute something on their part to bring themselves to the peak. Yet if one of the partners is not interested in what is going on in the bedroom, the chances for that are meager. So what should a woman do to be good in bed? And what about a man? Let’s find out.

What Makes a Woman Good in Bed?

When talking about what makes a woman good in bed, we should probably address this question to men, as only they know what women should be like to make them flare up with the desire. The opinion of men is mostly the same. Here is what they think makes their female sex partners good in bed:

  • They speak about their desires and sexual preferences openly.
  • They show initiative for sex and take an active part in the process.
  • They are passionate and give themselves to the full to the process and literally squeeze all juices from their male partners.
  • They are confident, which makes them great in bed, for they are always open to experimenting and don’t hesitate to try something new.

What Makes a Man Good in Bed?

If the question about women was addressed to men, then this one is definitely for women. So what a man should be like in bed to become the dream of every woman? Let’s see:

  • He never misses foreplay because he knows this is very important to women.
  • He is the one who controls everything and becomes the initiator of changing sex positions, rhythm, and tempo.
  • He thinks not only about his orgasm but about his partner’s as well.

How to Become More Sexually Active?

Our sexual activity directly depends on our libido. The higher it is, the more often we want to have sex. However, lots of factors may affect our sex drive, decreasing our sexual activity. Here belong;

  • Stress;
  • Tiredness;
  • Relationship misunderstandings;
  • Physical health issues (like vaginal dryness in women that makes sex painful);
  • Hormonal imbalance;
  • Substance abuse;
  • Intake of certain medications.

The majority of these problems can be resolved, yet this may need time. If you don’t want to wait and want to know how to be better at sex now, try to experiment with sex positions. Some of them can really add to your sex drive, making your intimate life better.

Sex Positions That Increase Libido

One of the ways we can boost our libido during sex is by watching our partner in a super sexy pose. The picture we see with our eyes can do a great job of enhancing the sex drive and making you more passionate in bed. We’ve collected a list of sex positions that can help your libido go up and improve your sex life.

  • Woman on top. Why this one? First, a man can enjoy the view of his partner reaching the top of her satisfaction. Second, this pose allows stimulating female breasts and clitoris, adding to the overall sexual excitement. And, third, a woman can control the depth of penetration, controlling her sensations.
  • Doggy style or rear entry. The majority of women say this position is their favorite. Well, that’s not surprising, taking into account that it allows perfect stimulation of the G-spot and gives access to the clitoris for additional stimulation. As for men, doggy style opens a great view on their partner’s buttocks and lets them flare up their desire by stimulating the anus.
  • Reverse cowgirl. This one is a variation for the woman on top with the only difference that a female partner is sitting with her back to the man’s face. This position gives complete control to a woman and opens a great view for a man, stimulating their sex drive.

How to Make Yourself Last Longer in Bed?

The problem of how to last longer in bed is more actual for men than for women. This is mainly related to physiology. Women can continue intercourse after climax, whereas men need some time to restore their erection and get down to the second round if any. How to last longer in bed? Tips for men and women are numerous, but we’ll name just a few of them:

  • Try to distract your attention from sexual intercourse. This is the easiest way for both men and women to halt their climax.
  • Use condoms to reduce penile stimulation.
  • Experiment with behavioral techniques, like squeezing the penile glans or interrupting intercourse for reducing pleasurable sensations.
  • Masturbation in advance of intercourse may also help both men and women last longer in bed.
  • Use special pills for ejaculation delay, like Viagra with dapoxetine, Super Avana, Super P-Force, or Priligy.

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Healthy Sexual Relationship

Healthy Sexual Relationship

Exercises for Better Sex

Sex needs stamina and physical power. Therefore, exercising is very important for both men and women who want to be good at sex. Even regular cardio can be very useful for your sex life. It enhances the circulation of blood, thus helping to improve male erection and promote female sexual arousal.

Stretching is another thing that can boost your performance between the sheets. Such exercises are good for making your body more flexible, which opens new horizons for experimenting with sex poses.

Let’s not forget about Kegel exercises. They work great for strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, which positively affects the quality of male erections and their durability in bed. In women, this kind of exercise is effective for strengthening orgasmic sensations.

Foods to Improve Sex Life

Although you may not see any direct interconnection between food and sex, it definitely exists. Scientists have proven that some foods can improve blood circulation and boost sex drive in both men and women. One of the best diets in this regard is the Mediterranean. It’s full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats that are good for the cardiovascular system. To improve your sex life, add such products to your daily diet:

  • Nuts;
  • Avocado;
  • Seafood;
  • Red meat;
  • Cereal and wholegrain products;
  • Red pepper;
  • Berries and fruits.

Useful Habits

It’s not only diet and exercise that can make your sex life better. Useful habits can also add to your abilities between the sheets. What are they? Let’s see:

  • Have enough sleep. When sleeping, our body relaxes and restores the energy it has spent during our daily activities. Besides, sound sleep helps the reduction of stress levels, which is crucial for both mental and physical well-being.
  • Cut back on alcohol. Alcohol is never good when it comes to sex. Ethanol depresses the nervous system, reducing pleasurable sensations during intercourse and making it more difficult to climax.
  • Control your stress levels. Stress makes our bodies produce cortisol, which suppresses libido and sexual function overall. By learning to control your stress levels, you may also improve your sexual performance and boost your libido.

Romantic Atmosphere

A romantic atmosphere in the bedroom may play a role in the mood for sex for both partners. Turn on some music, light the candles or aroma sticks to help yourself relax and enjoy the moments spent together. Create a small world that will exist only for the two of you, and your sex mood won’t make you wait.

How to Improve Sex Life in Marriage?

Daily chores kill sex. This is a common thought among married couples, especially those who have spent many years together and got sunk in daily routine and childcare. It’s not rare that sexual life in marriage suffers because of sexual dysfunction in one of the partners.

Women may lose interest in sex due to the lack of orgasm, vaginal dryness, and pain. These health issues are common in women who have given birth to a child. The problem affecting male sexual activity is erectile dysfunction. It predominantly affects males older than 40. The disease kills their self-confidence, which reflects on their interest in sex and performance in bed.

Thinking about how to maintain an erection & stay hard longer, men often come to use ED pills, like generic Viagra, Kamagra Jelly, Generic Levitra, and generic Cialis. All they help to achieve a firm and lasting erection to make your intimate life bright and active.

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Best Sex Tips

Want to make your sex life better? Use these tips:

  • Tell each other about your desires;
  • Experiment with sex positions;
  • Use sex toys;
  • Don’t refuse different types of sex (e.g. oral, anal);
  • Learn your partner’s body for sexually sensitive points;
  • Don’t be afraid to say you don’t like something your partner prefers in sex.

Get Supplements to Improve Your Sex Life

Your sex life cannot be great if your body is not healthy. Pay attention to your health condition and enrich your diet with healthy foods and supplements to get the needed amounts of vitamins and minerals. The easiest way to get all the needed supplements is to order them on the web. Such products are available over-the-counter, so you can buy them in a couple of clicks without the need to visit a doctor. Be healthy, and so will your sex life be!