Penis Enlargement Exercise for Length and Girth

How Does Penis Stretching Work?

An estimate of 45% of men would like to have a bigger penis size. This is the figure received from an Internet survey you can find in the journal Psychology of Men & Masculinity. At the same time, 85% of female partners are satisfied with their men’s penis size. So where does this difference come from? In fact, a lot of men with a normal-sized organ wish to be bigger, so that to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence.

There exist various techniques of penis length and girth enhancement but not all of them are equally effective and safe. Most men seek natural ways of making their sex organs longer or thicker, so in this article, we’ll stop in detail on the penis enlargement exercise that can make you a step closer to your desire. Still, natural ways of increasing your penis size demand time, patience, and regularity to achieve any visible results.

Do Penis Stretching Exercises Work?

There’s no distinct answer to the question of does penis enlargement work. It all depends on the methods and effectiveness they can provide. The efficiency of exercise for penis enlargement is mainly anecdotal and is not supported by any scientific proof. Still, the experiments with the application of special devices have shown significant results, which gives hope for success to any man who is willing to try them out.

Stretching Exercises

Female holding cucumber

Penis stretching exercises are diverse. They mainly imply the manual impact on the penile shaft to stimulate the inflow of blood to the genitals and make the tissues more elastic. However, doing them, one shouldn’t forget about the potential dangers any significant impact on sensitive erectile tissues may have. Therefore, you should learn the techniques properly before actually trying them out yourself. Below, we’ll have a closer look at the best penis enlargement exercise, so stay with us.

Penis Stretching

This exercise for natural penis enlargement presupposes stretching of the male genital organ. Hold the penis by the head and pull it upward for ten seconds or so. Repeat the same procedure directing the penis to the right and to the left. Overall, the time you need for exercising is about 30 seconds. However, to achieve visible results, the exercise should be done at least twice daily.

Be careful not to apply to much force to the penis. You may feel some slight discomfort but it should be bearable. Otherwise, you risk getting trauma.

Rotating Stretch

The name of this exercise for penis enlargement speaks for itself. It is one of the basics men should try when starting a course of stretching exercises for penile length enhancement. Why course? That’s because it’s much more effective to apply several techniques working for a common result.

Rotating stretching is intended to make penile ligaments more elastic, in fact, to stretch them, yet avoiding any pain or discomfort. Your penis should be absolutely flaccid when you get down to this exercise. This is required to minimize the risks of traumatization of the organ. Why do we make so many accents on you being careful with such procedures? That’s because any serious injury of the erectile tissue may lead to a weak or unstable erection, which is the last thing you might wish for yourself.

Here’s how penis rotating stretch should be done:

  • Retract the foreskin and grip the organ right behind the glans with your thumb and index fingers, thus forming a circle around the penis shaft.
  • Pull the organ up until your comfortable limit.
  • Start rotating the organ to the right while holding it with the left hand and to the left when doing it with your right hand. Repeat these actions for 10 seconds.
  • Pulling the organ downward is the next step in this exercise. Try to keep the active hand as close to your body as possible.
  • Repeat the exercise nine times. Give 20 seconds for each repetition.

Jelqing Massage

Another way to make your penis longer is to make a jelqing massage. Here’s how to do it:

  • Using your thumb and index finger, form a circle around your penis shaft base.
  • Jelq the organ by narrowing this circle until you feel light pressure.
  • Perform a very slow movement (count to five) towards the glance, applying slight pressure.

Twenty minutes of daily exercising is enough to achieve sustainable results.

Gentle Pressure on the Base

This penis enlargement exercise is a variant of stretching exercise. Let’s have a look at how it should be performed:

  • Hold the phalos by the glans and pull it upwards. At the same time, apply some gentle but firm pressure at the penis shaft base. Keep the organ in such a position for 10 seconds.
  • Then change the direction and pull the organ to the left/right, applying pressure to the area on the right/left of the base, respectively. This exercise should be performed in both directions in turn. Give ten seconds to each variant.

This exercise should be performed daily. Make sure you spend at least 2 minutes repeating this course.


Kegels are multifunctional if one can say so. This exercise is targeted at strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. It works positively for erection quality, premature ejaculation management, prostate enlargement, and a wide range of other health issues related to the male genitourinary tract.

The efficacy of this exercise for penile size enhancement is rather doubtful, but it will definitely do good in terms of sensations you experience during orgasm. To make Kegel exercise effective, do them daily. Three sets, 15 repetitions each will be enough.

Exercise Tips

Striving to get the desired effects within the shortest terms, some men lose the feeling of measure and start overdoing, which usually gives the opposite reaction. To avoid it, have a look at these exercise tips:

  • Exercising shouldn’t be accompanied by discomfort or pain;
  • Never do penis enlargement exercise on an erect penis;
  • Limit the number of exercises to once or twice a day;
  • Don’t forget about lubrication;
  • Consult a urologist to make sure these exercises are safe in your particular case.

Do Penis Stretching Devices Work?

Although scientific evidence of their efficiency is poor, some researches do prove penis stretching devices can be effective. One of the publications in The Journal of Sexual Medicine claims that the use of penile extender helped men to increase the stretched penile length from 10.5 – 12.5 cm to 11.1 – 13.7 cm after a month of use of the device. The three months follow-up showed an improvement in the results up to 11.8 – 14.6 cm. Therefore, the results are very promising.

Vacuum Pumps

penis pump or vacuum erection device

A vacuum pump is one of the most often applied methods of penile length and girth enhancement. However, its rate of efficacy doesn’t exceed 10% and the patients’ satisfaction rate reaches only 30%. This device is good for achieving temporary results only, as its principle of action is based on the improved inflow of blood to the penis, which naturally stimulates the increase in the size of the organ.

The vacuum pump looks like a cylinder (usually acrylic) with a pump. The penis is put into the cylinder. After that, you should suck out the air from the device, using the pump. The vacuum that appears makes more blood flow to the penis, which results in its enlargement. The same technique is applied for stimulating erection in men with erectile dysfunction.

If you think of trying out one of such devices, do it with those that have proven their efficacy and safety in thousands of men. We now speak about Penomet and the Bathmate selection, which comprises Bathmate HydroXtreme 7 and Bathmate HydroMax 7.

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Penoscrotal Rings

Penis ring and condoms

Penoscrotal rings are mainly used by men with erection troubles to prolong the erections they achieve with the help of penile pumps or medications. These devices are fit around the base of the penile shaft to prevent the outflow of blood from the organ. There is no evidence supporting their efficacy for penile length enhancement. Still, they can be useful for those who have trouble maintaining a firm erection.

Penile Extenders

The rate of efficacy of penile extenders makes them strong competitors to the surgical techniques of penis length enhancement. A significant increase in the length of the organ in stretched and erected conditions is shown in almost all studies devoted to this problem.

In the study published in BJU International, it was reported that the use of penile extenders can increase the length of the penis by 2.3 cm in a stretched state and by 1.7 cm in an erected state. Both figures are similar to the expectations of men undergoing surgical enlargement of the penis.

One of the main roles in effective penis lengthening plays the type of penis extender you apply. Those that showed themselves most effective include Jes Extender and Quick Extender Pro. Other devices that deserve your attention are offered under the trade names Male Edge and Size Genetics. Whichever you choose for yourself, be sure you won’t regret it.

Taking into account that the application of penis stretching devices is non-invasive and thus much safer than surgery, their use is absolutely worth the result.

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Average Penis Length

In case you don’t know how big is the average penis, you can get the answer to this question here. The systematic review, which was published in the BJUI in 2014, analyzes the size of the ‘symbol of masculinity in more than 15500 men. Its results claim that the average penis size in a flaccid state is about 9.16 cm. The stretched length is similar to the erected and is 13.12 – 13.24 cm.

However, these figures are only average numbers and if your size is bigger or smaller, in the bulk of cases, it is a variant of the norm.

When Will I See Results?

The time needed to see the first results of your penis enlargement exercises depends on what techniques you apply, how regular you do them, and how elastic your ligaments are. Judging by the duration of the studies that involve the use of some penile extenders or other devices for penis enlargement, a man needs from a month to half a year to get noticeable improvements in size.

Your expectations shouldn’t be too high, not to get disappointed with the final result. You should understand that the length of the organ won’t increase by 4 or 5 cm. You can hope for 1 to 3 cm enlargement, but not more. Still, achieving such results with non-invasive methods is already a victory as even surgery cannot guarantee better results.

Risks of Penis Damage

Regardless of whether you choose to do penis enlargement exercises or apply penis stretching devices, you should be careful with it. The thing is that any excessive force applied to your sex organ can cause damage to erectile tissues. However, this is not the only trouble you can face with. The most common injury men get when using penis enlargement exercises or devices are listed below:

  • Bruising;
  • Numbness in the glans;
  • Blood vessel injury;
  • Irritation, redness, itching.

The first two items on the list are not likely to affect your erectile function. However, the damage of the blood vessels or erectile tissues can affect the quality and the stability of your erection.

When to See a Doctor?

A visit to the doctor’s office is advised to every man who is going to use penis lengthening devices or do exercises for penis enlargement. A primary consultation is needed to exclude any contraindications to performing such procedures.

Another reason to see a medical specialist is when the size of your genital organ becomes the problem you cannot stop thinking about. In case your concerns about the size of the penis are confirmed by the doctor, he/she will offer you several options for solving this issue, including surgery. But if your worries about the length or girth of the penis are not grounded by your physical state, your healthcare provider may give you recommendations for visiting mental health specialist.

You shouldn’t deny such an offer as a lot of men with the same problem change their attitude thanks to cognitive behavioral therapy, which is often applied to such patients.

Discover Other Options for Penis Enlargement Here

Except for the exercises and special penile lengthening devices, men can also use some herbal medicines. If you don’t know how to really make your penis bigger fast, try such preparations as Extenze, Vigrx Plus, and Male Extra. They stimulate the inflow of blood to the organ, thus improving the quality of your erection and making the penis look bigger.

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How to Get a Stretching Device?

It’s not likely that you’ll find penile stretching devices in the local drugstore. The best way to get penile stretching devices is to order them on the web. Online pharmacies offer a wide selection of excellent quality penile extenders. They have proven their efficacy not only in clinical studies but also in real life so if your goal is to make your penis longer, don’t delay your purchase for tomorrow.