How to Get Erect & Maintain Erection. Tips to Get Fully Erect

Why Can’t I Get an Erection?

Often men think about an erection as the symbol of their masculinity and male power. Unfortunately, about 70% of them will experience erection problems towards the age of 70. And far not all of those guys will know how to deal with the problem. To help you understand why erectile dysfunction happens and what can be done to prevent it, you should know how a healthy erection works.

How Does Erection Work?

Under the influence of sexual stimuli, the nerve terminals and the blood vessels start releasing nitric oxide. It is needed to promote the relaxation of the blood vessels and the corpora cavernosa of the penis. Due to these processes, the inflow of blood to the genitals increases, filling the erectile tissue with blood. As the pressure in the organ grows, it expands and increases in size. At the same time, the veins draining the blood out of the penis collapse, thus trapping the blood in the organ.

Although it may all seem very easy at the first sight, in fact, erection involves the difficult work of the nervous and the vascular system. Any breach in this complex mechanism may lead to the development of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Why Do I Have Trouble Getting Erection?

Why can’t I get an erection? This is the first question appearing in the mind of a man who faces this problem for the first time. Of course, occasional failures happen in almost all men, but when they become systematic and repeat more and more often, it’s a sign of erectile dysfunction.

The reasons for developing trouble getting an erection are very different. They may be related to your physical health, emotional, or mental state, as well as the lifestyle and medicines you use. The most often cause of erectile dysfunction is cardiovascular disorders, like coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis, or arterial hypertension. But it can also be provoked by:

  • diabetes;
  • penile or spinal cord injuries;
  • obesity;
  • depression;
  • anxiety;
  • troubles in relations with the partner;
  • stress, and so on.

Factors Making Erections Not as Hard

You can’t get an erection? Or can’t maintain it? Except for those related to your medical health condition, there are several other factors that can influence the hardness of your penis. Let’s get a closer look at each of them to know what is the worst thing you can do to your male health and if this can be fixed.


Probably there is not a single person in the world who wouldn’t know about the harm alcohol can do to human health. However, this knowledge doesn’t stop people from drinking strong drinks. Excessive alcohol consumption or binge drinking harm male sexual function in several ways:

  • Alcohol depresses the nervous system, interfering with the transition of messages from the genitals to the brain and vice versa. As a result, physical stimulation of the penis doesn’t bring the desired result, and erection doesn’t occur.
  • Alcohol is rich in calories. Therefore, it promotes weight gain and the growth of the waist circumference. The latter is not only a factor of risk for diabetes but also the source of female hormones. Abdominal fat is associated with the growth of the levels of estradiol while reducing the levels of testosterone in the male body. This leads to low libido and weak erections.


Stress is a natural response of the human organism to danger or other irritants that causes the release of stress hormones. They are adrenalin and cortisol. Stress is a known factor stimulating the development of erectile dysfunction due to the impact these hormones produce on the body. Adrenalin is responsible for the rise in blood pressure, which is the result of the blood vessels narrowing. This process is the total opposite of what men need to get a firm erection.

Cortisol, in its turn, suppresses the functions that are nonessential for human life with the sexual function being one of them. As a result, a man feels anxious, his libido is low, and his ability to get a firm erection is reduced.


The impact of drugs on male hardness has been proven long ago. A lot of prescription medicines and recreational drugs may provoke erectile weakness. It is usually related to their ability to narrow the blood vessels, thus worsening the supply of blood to the genitals and weakening the erection.

Another reason why the intake of drugs influences the quality of the erection is the ability of some preparations to slow down the reaction of the nervous system to sexual stimuli. A significant decrease in libido is one more drawback of using some prescription drugs.


The healthy functioning of the human body much depends on the quality of nutrition one gets. For men with ED, an excess of junk food, fast food, and other products rich in saturated fats are the worst enemies as they lead to the growth of the levels of cholesterol in the blood. This results in weight gain and the development of atherosclerosis – the disease that makes the blood vessels narrow and less flexible.


During the REM phase of sleep, the male body produces testosterone. This hormone is essential for keeping male libido high and erection firm. Poor quality sleep or its short duration don’t allow the organism to accumulate enough testosterone. Chronic problems with sleep lead to a sufficient decrease in the levels of this male hormone, affecting their ability to get and sustain an erection.

How to Get Erect and Stay Erect

A lack of erection is not only a physical problem. Very often, it results from a combination of physical and psychological factors. Therefore, the resolution of this issue may have several approaches. But if you wonder how to get erect right now, without weeks of counseling and months of keeping to a healthy diet and doing sports, we have the answer.

You can get an erection with the help of ED pills. They work really fast and stay effective for about 4 – 5 hours, like Viagra generic and Kamagra jelly. Generic Levitra lasts longer – for up to 6 hours, yet the total record-holder is definitely Cialis generic, which allows you to get an erection anytime within 36 hours. Choose the one matching your needs best but don’t forget to consult a doctor.

If medical treatments are not for you, but you still want to get erect and don’t have trouble maintaining an erection, you may opt for herbal ED treatments. The best ones include Max Performer, Male Extra, and VigRX Plus. They all contain a combination of herbal extracts and supplements for promoting a firm and durable erection.

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What to Do When Losing Erection During Sex?

The first thing you should do when you lose an erection during sex is to stay calm. Getting anxious or embarrassed about the situation will only exacerbate the problem and won’t let you restore an erection fast enough to continue the intercourse.

In the long term, you’d better consult a doctor if losing an erection during intercourse becomes habitual. In case your trouble is related to your psychological health, counseling may be an option. It is also important to talk with your partner regarding your erection loss and explain to them that it is not because you don’t feel aroused but for some other reasons that can be resolved with the help of a medical specialist.

What If I Can’t Maintain Erection

Trouble sustaining an erection is a kind of erectile dysfunction. It may come alone or be exacerbated with an inability to get an erection. In any case, it should be resolved with the help of medicines men usually take when they are diagnosed with ED. You can either choose PDE5 inhibitors to help you sustain an erection (like sildenafil, tadalafil, or vardenafil) or give preference to herbal treatments.

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Tips to Get Fully Erect

How to get harder erections? You may significantly improve the quality and the durability of your erection by following these tips:

  1. Eat healthily. You may improve your sexual function if you enrich your diet with products that contain selenium, zinc, Omega-3, iron, and other vitamins and supplements for a hard erection. Eat whole-grain products, legumes, nuts and seeds, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Lean meat, poultry, and fatty sorts of marine fish will also help you get the needed nutrients for a healthy erection.
  2. Do sports. At least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise three to four times a week can improve your cardiovascular health and make you more durable in bed. Walking, cycling, swimming, or jogging – choose anything you like.
  3. Have enough hours of sleep. A man needs 7 – 8 hours of sound sleep to let their body produce enough testosterone for a normal erection.
  4. Try to reduce your stress levels. Learn meditation or other calming techniques that can keep you out of stress.

Buy and Use Natural Remedies to Get Better Erection

When it goes about the improvement of the quality of erection, you’d better use natural remedies. Why? They have a mild action, which is, though, enough to make your erections harder. Besides, natural products for potency are much safer in terms of side effects if compared to traditional medical treatments. Finally, natural remedies have few-to-none contraindications for use, which makes them suitable for almost any man.

Don’t delay the treatment. Buy natural remedies for getting and maintaining an erection, and start changing your sexual life for the better.