How to Stop an Erection. Ways to Control an Erection

How to Get Rid of an Erection. Take Control over Erection

A dream of any man with erectile dysfunction – erection, may sometimes become a problem for men who don’t suffer from this sexual health disorder. Some of them get an erection unintentionally. Usually, such situations happen at the most inappropriate time and don’t presuppose any upcoming sex. So why does this happen? And what can be done about that?

Erection is a natural process, which is a response to visual, audial, or tactile sexual stimuli. Another thing that can cause an erection you don’t want is your sexual fantasies and thoughts. A man can get a boner any time he sees or hears anyone or anything that can flare up his sexual desire. The crucial thing in this regard is to learn to control one’s unwanted erection so that not to get in awkward situations in public.

The techniques allowing men to take control over their arousal are numerous. Hopefully, this article will give you the answers you need and help you master this male kind of art.

How to Get Rid of an Erection

How to get rid of an erection? In case you get an erection at the most inappropriate moment and want to get rid of it, there are two scenarios you can choose. The first one is to stop the boner by masturbating or having sexual intercourse. However, this is usually impossible to fulfill if your erection happens at the wrong time and place. The other scenario is to try to calm down your sexual desire. This one is a bit more difficult, as it demands lots of self-control and concentration. However, this is the best you can choose if you want to get rid of a boner while staying in public.

Men whose uncontrolled erections become a real problem may also go another way. They may try taking specific medicines to prevent boners. Yet this is the last method to consider as it is related to some risks of side effects. Besides, you can choose the correct medication only with the help of a doctor.

How to Hide an Unwanted Erection?

If you fail to get rid of an unwanted erection fast, you have to know how you can hide it until your penis gets down to its usual state. Feeling the growing hardness in your pants, you can do several things to hide it:

  • Find an excuse to leave the company and go to the restroom to calm down. This will be useful for taking control over your thoughts and anxiety that may arise together with the unwanted boner.
  • Have a walk. A short walk can do miracles for men who need to hide an erection. While walking, the limbs and muscles need more blood to get proper oxygenation. This means the brain sends signals that will help to redirect the blood from the penile area to the muscles and ligaments that are involved in walking. This way, you can stop the boner.
  • Cover the crotch with a book, laptop, clothes, or anything you can find. This can be done as if you have no intention to cover anything but is so interesting in what is written in the book, for instance.
  • Put your hands in a pocket to hold the erected penis close to the body. This might be accompanied by not very pleasurable sensations, yet this really works if there’s nothing you can do about your boner.
  • Do the tuck trick. It’s a variation on the previous point. Put your both hands in the pockets but instead of holding the penis, tuck it under your belt. This may need some skill because everything should be done fast and be as imperceptibly as possible. The owners of long penises should be careful with this maneuver not to let their glans stick out above their pants.

5 Ways to Stop the Boner

Looking for ways of how to stop the boner, men have invented about a dozen different tricks. Yet here, we’ll only talk about the five most effective and easy-to-use ones.


Distracting your mind and attention from the person, object, sound, or thought that provoked your random erection is the method tested with time. And it’s not only men that claim this method works. There is some scientific evidence supporting this theory. Here is what you can do to distract your mind from a boner in your pants:

  • Think about the ugliest thing you can only imagine like a slug or anything you think is maximum unattractive.
  • Try to recollect the rhyme you’ve learned at the age of 6 or multiply 16 by 24. This takes time and effort, so you will definitely get distracted from what is going on below your belt.
  • Think about a woman towards whom you can’t have any sexual desire, like your cousin aunt Claudia who visited you two years ago on Christmas.


Unlike the previous method, this one requires total concentration and focus on your breathing and the feeling of lightness you should have. To get into meditation, start breathing slowly and deeply. You should hear only the sound of your breath. You may also repeat some mantra in your mind to take your thoughts away from the unwanted erection. Let the thoughts about your sexual arousal leave you, concentrating on your breathing.

The only drawback of this method is that you need to have experience of meditating. Otherwise, you may not get into the right mood, and all your attempts will be in vain.


Changing your body position may be helpful for reducing the intensity of penile stimulation you may feel because of the tight clothes. For example, you may stand up from a sitting position or vice versa – sit down, crossing your legs. The latter, by the way, may also help you hide your boner.

Cold Shower

A cold shower can speed up vasoconstriction and thus cut the increased inflow of blood to the penis. Besides, it will make the blood leave the cavernous bodies of the penis, stopping the erection. In case you don’t have the possibility to do this, you may use ice cubes to extinguish the fire in your pants.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a kind of meditation. It allows you to calm down and take control over your sexual desire.

When to See a Doctor?

A strong reason to see a doctor is when your erection doesn’t go away for more than 4 hours or is painful. Both symptoms may signal a very dangerous condition called priapism. If left untreated, it may lead to the damage of the erectile tissue, making a man impotent.

The treatment of priapism usually involves a penile injection of the sympathomimetic drug. The medication helps to constrict the blood vessels, taking the blood out of the organ. In case it doesn’t work, a doctor may recommend draining the blood from the penis.

Pills That Prevent Boners

The pills that can prevent erections are quite diverse. One of them is oral ketoconazole. It’s an antifungal medication, which can effectively prevent erections. Its rate of efficacy reaches almost 80%, yet you need to consult a doctor to choose the most appropriate dose.

As for the other medications that might be helpful, they include drugs having a low libido or erectile dysfunction on the list of their side effects. Unlike ketoconazole, which influences male sexual desire reversibly, some antidepressants may cause a permanent worsening of erectile function. Therefore, you’d better weigh all the benefits and risks before using any medications to prevent boners.

Of course, the best way to manage boners is to learn to control them on a mental level, yet if this is too difficult for you, medical treatment might be an option.