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Penis Size – What’s Normal, What’s Not?

The question of normality of the size of the penis is one of those bothering men who have troubles accepting their body the way it is and those who lack self-confidence. And even those who are generally considered confident about their appearance may have some doubts as to the size of their masculinity symbol. Such a conclusion can be made relying on the results of the study that claims 68.3% of men are concerned about their penis size.

The truth about the average penis size can be found on the pages of the BJUI journal. The reviewed materials regarding the penile length and circumference of more than 15500 men, collected in the article, let the scientists claim the average length of the penis when it’s flaccid is about 9.16 cm, whereas in the erected state the organ increases in size up to 13.12 cm. As for the girth measurements, they are 9.31 cm flaccid and 11.66 cm erect.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger Naturally?

As more and more men start seeking ways of how to get a bigger penis naturally, the new offers for them appear. Anyway, some of them are the elementary things we all should follow. The good news is that these methods are affordable for any pocket, while the bad one is that not all of them are much effective for natural penis enlargement.

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Kegels for Men

One of the tendencies of recent years is doing Kegel exercise. They are targeted at strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor. This is thought to have a positive impact on the genitourinary system of males and their sexual health in particular. To find the needed group of muscles, try to lift up your scrotum and draw in the base of your penis. If that’s working, it means you tighten the pelvic floor muscles.

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence of the efficacy of Kegel exercise for enhancing your penis size. However, Kegels do improve the circulation of blood in the pelvis, which allows for getting healthier erections.

Eating the Right Foods

Measuring the size of a penis

Among the factors that may have an impact on the size of the penis of a man is his testosterone levels during puberty. Intake of hormones is not recommended for this aim, but you can increase your T-levels naturally by eating specific foods. Spinach, chili pepper and hot-souse, red wine, oysters, nuts, and other healthy foods can boost your testosterone production.

Proper supply of blood to the genitals is another crucial thing that can help you achieve natural penis enlargement. The products you should add to your diet in this regard include bananas, potatoes, strawberries, and so on.


Jelqing is a massaging technique aimed at stretching the penile shaft. There exist several methods of jelqing such as:

  • Dry jelqing (without lubricant);

  • Wet jelqing (with lubricant);

  • V-Jelq;

  • Lateral jelq.

You can do the exercise with either one or two hands. The efficacy of this technique is mainly anecdotal. Jelqing requires regular exercising for achieving at least some result.

Losing Weight

The penises of overweight and obese men usually look smaller than those of individuals with a normal body mass. That’s because the shaft of the penis of men with excessive weight is hidden in a layer of the pubic fat. By losing weight, the amount of fat tissue on the pubis will reduce, thus opening the previously hidden part of the penile shaft.

Penis Sleeves

It’s not the length of the penis only that can bother men. The circumference of the penile shaft is another important parameter for men who are not satisfied with their penis girth. By the way, some studies reveal that the penile circumference has more impact on the sexual satisfaction rate of the female partners due to the physiological peculiarities of the female genitals. In simple words, the bigger penis circumference provides more intensive stimulation of the deep structures of the vagina, which leads to a higher satisfaction rate in women.

Penile sleeves are actually hollow dildos where the penis should be inserted. Such devices allow enhancing the girth of the penis fast. What’s more, they are considered to be effective in the treatment of erectile function as they help to intensify the sensations of men during sexual intercourse.

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Get a Trim

Trimming the pubic hair is an easy and fast way to make your penis longer naturally. Although your organ won’t increase in size factually, it will look bigger. Besides, getting a trim, you can increase your level of confidence, which can somehow improve your attitude towards your own body and penis size in particular.

Flex Your PC Muscles

By doing the exercise aimed at flexing your PC muscles, you can get rid of urinary incontinence, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction. To find a PC muscle, try to stop passing the urine in during the urination process. The muscle you’ll feel then is the one we are talking about. When you only begin exercising, try to hold the muscle flex for 1 – 2 seconds and then relax it. Repeat these actions at least ten times. As you proceed with your exercise, the time of holding the muscle flex can be gradually increased. Be careful and don’t overdo to avoid any negative consequences.

Sex Positions to Make Your Penis Feel Bigger

Sex Positions to Make Your Penis Feel Bigger

In case our advice on how to make your penis bigger is not for you, we have another way out. If you cannot be bigger, you can feel bigger, can’t you? We often hear that it’s not the size of the penis that matters but your skill in sex. Below, we’ll tell about sex positions that can make your partner feel your penis bigger even if it’s of average size. Ready? Here we go.

Doggy Style

The rare entry sex position or just doggy style is one of the most often people use in sex. Doggy style allows deep penetration of the penis into the vagina, thus making the organ feel bigger. Judging by the results of some research, this sex position is more often preferred by men. This is related to the fact that women who took part in the study associated the kneeling position negatively in regard to the frequency of orgasms. Another possible reason why men prefer this position is that it doesn’t allow women to see the penis, which may be beneficial for male self-confidence.

Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl

Both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl sex positions presuppose the female control over the depth of vaginal penetration. These positions let the penis get into the vagina for the full length. In case your penis is too short for providing sufficient stimulation to your female partner, the reverse cowgirl can do the trick. What’s more, the reverse position allows additional clitoral stimulation along with the G-spot stimulation. Such a mixture of pleasurable sensations will definitely make your girl forget about the size of your penis.

Raised Missionary

The missionary position keeps its leadership as a favorite sex position chosen by women. In case your girl is another fan of the missionary position, you can provide better sensations to both of you if you lift up your partner’s pelvis. A pillow or a blanket would do for this purpose. Just place them under your partner’s hips to make the penetration deeper and your level of satisfaction higher.


This position is rarely used by couples, taking into account the results of different surveys. However, the lotus position is one of the best to use if you want to make our penis feel bigger. The male partner should sit cross-legged on the bed or chair (whatever you prefer) while the female partner straddles him face-to-face. This is a kind of cowgirl position when both partners are sitting upright.

Although it doesn’t give much space for active frictions, the lotus position is perfect for clitoral stimulation. Besides, it helps deeper vaginal penetration so that your penis will feel bigger than it actually is.

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Surgery Is Risky and May not Work

On finding out how much time and effort one should spend to make his penis bigger naturally, a lot of men give up the idea of applying the methods we’ve talked about earlier. Instead, they choose to undergo surgery for penis enlargement. But does penis enlargement work the way they think? The rate of efficacy of surgical penis enlargement is rather high, yet the risks men undergo during the surgical intervention are often very high too.

As for the efficacy, the gain in the penile length may vary depending on the surgical method applied. The common complications of penile enhancement surgery include:

  • Infection, fever;

  • Rejection of the implanted fat grafts;

  • Penile shortening (especially after suspensory ligament release);

  • Erectile dysfunction.

Risks and Side Effects of Penis Enlargement

Does penis enlargement work in 100% of cases? In fact, no. The risks related to the procedure much depend on what methods are applied. If talking about stretching devices, penile pumps, sleeves, and jelqing techniques, the most common side effects related to them are bruising, damage of the erectile tissues, scarring, pain, and loss of sensitivity in the glans.

Small Penis Anxiety (SPA)

Small penis

For many men, the worries about the size of their penis grow into a real psychological health problem, which is called small penis syndrome. It is associated with anxiety, constant concerns about the size of the organ (despite its being normal), and regular comparison of one’s penis with others. Men dealing with this health issue give too much attention and value to the length and girth of their penises. Gradually, this may grow into depression, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and distress regarding one’s appearance.

It’s not rare that small penis anxiety ruins the sexual life of a man and may even be the reason for divorce. This kind of psychological disorder can be treated with the help of cognitive-behavioral therapy. In case your family relations suffer, couples counseling can be helpful. The doctors may also recommend you sex therapy. Defining the triggers of such a condition and eliminating them from your daily life is another way to manage small penis syndrome.

Find Other Natural Solutions for Penis Enlargement Here

Now that you know what is jelqing, Kegels, and penile sleeves, the options for effective natural penis enlargement are enough to start dealing with the issue. By the way, don’t forget about the penis enlargement food. Thus, you can kill two birds with one shot – lose weight due to healthy nutrition and enhance your penis size thanks to the improved blood supply and elevated T-levels. Yet if all these seem to be too difficult for you, we can offer some faster and better solutions.

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