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What is Lasix? Lasix is a preparation containing furosemide as an active ingredient. It is a diuretic or a water-pill. This medication is on the WHO’s List of Essential medicines and since 1964, it has been used to treat edema caused by heart failure, some liver disorders, or kidney problems. This preparation is also applied in complex therapy of high blood pressure.

The Benefits of Lasix

To understand why your doctor prescribed you Lasix, you should better know about the benefits of this drug. Here they are: When looking for a potent and safe diuretic, choose Lasix in Australia.

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How to Take Lasix?

The recommendations concerning Lasix intake should be given by your attending doctor. In general, it is advised to take this medication at least four hours before bedtime. The effectiveness of the drug is not affected by food, so you are free to take it regardless of meals. Don’t skip the intakes as it may reduce the efficiency of the therapy. Make sure you stick to the dose prescribed by your healthcare provider. Inform your doctor if the drug is not effective enough. Perhaps your dosing regimen should be changed.

Lasix Dosage

Lasix is produced in three dosage strengths: Lasix 20 mg, 40 mg, and 80 mg. The required dose is determined based on the patient’s health condition and the amount of the built-up fluid. Special caution is needed when prescribing Lasix tablets to elderly patients. When used in pediatrics, the dosage should be calculated relying on the weight of the patient.

Taking Medicine for the First Time

The first thing to do before taking Lasix is to consult your doctor. Only a specialist can determine whether the use of this medication is appropriate in every given situation. It is crucial to exclude the risks of developing hypersensitivity reactions. Therefore, you should find out whether you are allergic to this medication or not.

You should be ready for frequent visits to the bathroom as Lasix is a water-pill, so you’ll feel the need to urinate quite often. Besides, you should stay away from driving a car or operating machinery at least after the first time you take the drug. It is important because some of the unwanted reactions to Lasix can make you less alert.

How Do I Pick the Right Dose?

Lasix is a prescription-only medication so you should never use it as a self-treatment. Visit a doctor to set a safe and effective dosing regimen. The general recommendations regarding the dosing regimen for patients with edema claim that it’s better to start with a 20 mg dose. In case the effect is not good enough, the dosage can be titrated to Lasix 40 mg. The second pill can be taken no sooner than in 6 – 8 hours after the previous one.

Patients with severe fluid retention may need to take doses exceeding 80 mg a day. Such people should be closely monitored by medical specialists.

The recommended initial dose of Lasix medication for those taking it to treat high blood pressure is 80 mg divided into two intakes. When adding Lasix to the therapy of hypertension, it is important to change the doses of antihypertensive medicines to avoid a rapid drop in blood pressure.

Common Side Effects

The Lasix side effects are similar to those of dehydration. A person taking the drug may have a headache; feel dizzy or lightheaded. These symptoms are a reason to seek medical attention. Among other dangers of Lasix intake is electrolytes imbalance. Prolonged use of Lasix can cause hypocalcemia, hypokalemia, high blood glucose levels, and other health issues.

Generic Lasix furosemide is also known to have high ototoxicity. This means it can negatively affect a person’s hearing. What’s more, cases of permanent deafness caused by furosemide intake are also known to science.

How Does Lasix Work?

Lasix acts on the cerebral segment of the ascending part of the Henle loop, thus preventing the absorption of excessive amounts of Na in the body. It also helps the dilation of the main vessels, which reduces the load on the heart. The overall effect of the drug results in increased urination. It helps to get rid of excess body fluid and to reduce edema.

How Effective Is Lasix?

The efficiency of the preparation is out of the question. Why else would Lasix be considered a first-line treatment for edema? Besides, the effectiveness of the drug has been proven by countless clinical trials. According to the study conducted by American scientists, the rate of responsiveness to furosemide in patients with acute decompensated heart failure is correlated with the long-term prognosis for such patients.

How Long Does Lasix Last?

The duration of action of the diuretic effects of Lasix is approximately 4 – 8 hours. The elimination half-life of the preparation is 100 minutes. The Lasix tablet comes into effect within 30 – 60 minutes after the intake.

Who Can Take Lasix?

Lasix can be taken by people since birth. However, the use of medication in infants and young children needs special caution. People aged 60 and older have increased risks of developing side effects when on Lasix. Pregnant women may take the medication only when their doctor considers that the potential benefits for the mother prevail the risks for the fetus.

This medication is contraindicated in breastfeeding women and people with known hypersensitivity to furosemide or anuria.

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