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If you don’t know what is Inderal, we are going to explain this. Inderal belongs to the drugs known as β-blockers. It is primarily used in patients suffering from heart rhythm disorders, high blood pressure, chest pain, and tremors. Inderal is also effective in the prevention of migraine headaches. This preparation is used as an urgent treatment to increase the chases for survival in individuals who have undergone a heart attack.

The Benefits of Inderal

The key arguments in favor of starting the therapy with Inderal are: So if you are hesitating about whether to buy Inderal online or not, leave your worries and make the right choice.

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How to Take Inderal?

As the preparation is applied in a wide range of medical conditions, the recommendations concerning the frequency of intake and the duration of the therapy should be given individually by a medical specialist. In general, Inderal tablets can be taken two to four times a day, before a meal.

It is crucial to stick to the prescribed dosing regimen and take the drug at even gaps of time. Abrupt discontinuation of Inderal may trigger a worsening of the patient’s condition. For this reason, the therapy with the drug should be stopped by gradually reducing the daily dose. This process may take up to several weeks.

Inderal Dosage

The drug manufacturer offers Inderal pills containing either 10 mg or 40 mg of the active ingredient called propranolol. Inderal 10 mg pills are mostly used during the maintenance therapy and in light-to-moderate severity diseases. Inderal 40 mg is recommended for patients with high blood pressure, angina, myocardial infarction, and other health conditions.

The initial dose of Inderal for migraine is 80 mg in two divided doses a day. To reach the desired effect, the dose should be gradually titrated to 160 – 240 mg daily.

Taking Medicine for the First Time

The start of the therapy with Inderal is possible only after your doctor approves it. Inform your healthcare provider if you are allergic to propranolol or any other medication belonging to beta-blockers. You should begin with the lowest effective dose and, if needed, gradually increase it.

Special attention should be given to diabetics as Inderal may mask the symptoms of low blood glucose thus making it dangerous for the person’s health.

Among the side effects of the drug, there is dizziness, so you’d better keep from driving a car or performing any other actions that demand alertness by the time you learn your body’s reaction to the drug.

How Do I Pick the Right Dose?

When it goes about taking Inderal, there’s no way patients can choose the dosing regimen on their own without consulting a doctor. Only a medical professional can determine what daily dose of the drug you need and how many times a day you should take the Inderal tablet. When selecting the right dose, your doctor will take into account your health problem, its severity, your tolerance to the drug, and response to the treatment. Besides, he/she will adjust the dosing regimen based on the comorbidities you have, your race, age, and the other drugs you use.

Common Side Effects

Although considered quite safe, Inderal side effects still do happen. To be ready for any unwanted reaction, you’d better learn about them before taking the first pill. According to the Propranolol: A 50-Year Historical Prospective, the adverse effects to the drug that appear most often are: At the initial stages of treatment, a person may feel fatigued, yet this condition improves further in the therapy. In case any of the adverse reactions disturbs you or lasts for too long, contact your healthcare provider.

How Does Inderal Work?

The effect of generic Inderal propranolol is based on blocking beta-adrenergic receptors, which in its turn doesn’t let catecholamines, like adrenalin, bind to them. This prevents the so-called fight-or-flight reaction of the body to stressors. As a result, it helps to slow down the heart rhythm and dilate the blood vessels to reduce the blood pressure.

How Effective Is Inderal?

Numerous studies and clinical trials proved Inderal to be a highly efficacious drug. The use of Inderal in patients with acute myocardial infarction helps reduce the risks of mortality and overcome the disease with minimum consequences for the overall health condition and further quality of life.

The rate of efficiency of Inderal in the prevention of migraine headache reaches 50%.

How Long Does Inderal Last?

The duration of action of Inderal medication depends on the patient’s metabolism and several other factors. In general, the effect of the drug is preserved for up to 10 hours. The elimination half-life of the drug is 4 – 5 hours.

Who Can Take Inderal?

Inderal is intended for use in adult patients and children over 12 years of age. The medication is contraindicated in pregnancy as it may cause fetal death. It is also not advised to take this medication during lactation as it may harm the baby.

Among other contraindications to the drug use, there are:

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