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The active component of Endep, amitriptyline, has first come to the market in 1961. Since that time, the drug holds strong positions among the preparations for the treatment of depression and is still in the TOP-100 list of the most often prescribed medicines. What is Endep used for? Well, the on-label Endep uses are quite diverse: major depressive disorder, fibromyalgia, nocturnal enuresis, migraine, and neuropathic pain. Off-label, Endep is used for sleep disturbances and irritated bowel syndrome treatment.

The Benefits of Endep

When you are not sure which antidepressant to choose, you have to learn about their benefits. In the case of Endep pills, they are the following:

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How to Take generic Endep

Here is some advice on Endep intake:

Endep Dosage

In our pharmacy, Endep online is available in several dosages. They are 10 mg, 25 mg, 50 mg, 75 mg, and 100 mg. If you only start the therapy, it’s better to order the lower doses of the drug, yet those who are already taking their maintenance dose can buy higher doses of the preparation. To set the correct scheme of taking the preparation, consult your medical specialist.

Taking Medicine for the First Time

Endep is not a medication for immediate relief, at least for the conditions associated with anxiety and depression. Therefore, taking the drug for the first time, you shouldn’t wait for fast results. However, if you choose Endep for sleep improvement, take a tablet right before going to bed.

Driving a car or operating machinery can be dangerous when taking Endep 10 mg or higher doses as it can make you sleepy and thus, reduce your alertness. For this reason, avoid the mentioned activities until you know your reaction to the drug or your organism gets used to the effects of Endep tablets.

How Do I Pick the Right Dose?

Depending on your diagnosis and the severity of the disease you are affected with, a doctor can recommend different starting doses of the drug. To reduce the risks for developing Endep side effects, it’s crucial to initiate the treatment with the lowest Endep dosage available. These are Endep 10 – 25 mg. The common dosing regimen presupposes from one to four intakes daily.

For outpatients dealing with major depressive disorder, the initial daily dosage of the drug is 75 mg, which should be divided into three intakes of Endep 25 mg pills. If there’s a need, the dosage can be titrated by Endep 25 – 50 mg every three to seven days. It’s better to change doses at bedtime to avoid daytime sleepiness. The maximum daily dose of the drug for patients treated at home is 150 mg a day, divided into three Endep 50 mg doses administrations.

Whatever your case is, it’s strongly recommended to talk with your doctor before taking any pills. Advice concerning the doses of Endep for anxiety, for nerve pain, or for headaches can only be given by a qualified doctor.

Common Side Effects

The incidence of Endep adverse reactions is unknown as it strongly depends on the patient, his/her tolerance to the drug, and the dose taken. The adverse effects that are most often reported in Endep reviews are listed below: Endep-related weight gain is another common reaction to the drug, so you may need to make some changes in your diet to prevent it. Gradually, patients taking amitriptyline develop tolerance to the drug and some side effects may get milder or disappear. Still, if any of the unwanted reactions persist or get worse, contact a doctor.

How Does Endep Work?

Endep is a brand name of the drug, containing amitriptyline. This substance belongs to tricyclic antidepressants. Its effects are grounded on the blockage of the serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake. Due to this, the natural balance of the neurotransmitters is restored, which reflects in the overall improvement of the patient’s condition.

How Effective Is Endep

The Effectiveness of Endep medication has been proven by numerous studies and almost 60 years of use in patients suffering from different types of psychological health problems. It is also considered that the efficiency rate of this drug in people with MDD exceeds the effectiveness of SSRI, yet because of the higher risks for overdose, Endep is chosen as a second-line treatment for these patients.

How Long Does Endep Last?

Like in all antidepressants, the full effects Endep (except for the calming one) can be noted not sooner than in two or four weeks after the start of the therapy. The active ingredient of the drug is accumulated in the body cells, so skipping the dose or abrupt discontinuation of the drug may worsen your symptoms. The Elimination half-life of amitriptyline is 10 – 50 hours.

Who Can Take Endep?

Endep in Australia is allowed to adults only. No person under 18 should take it. Elderly patients need their dose to be adjusted to minimize the negative impact of the drug on cardiovascular and other body systems. The use in pregnancy is contraindicated. Breastfeeding women can take the drug only if clearly needed. Never take Endep if you’ve been taking MAOIs within the previous two weeks.

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